Portrait of Klemen Belavić

My name is Klemen Belavić based in Slovenia. I ❤️ photography since 2003. I fell in love the first time I pressed the shutter 📸 and saw my first-ever made photo. Ever since then I enjoy capturing moments that become priceless memories.

In my early period, I liked to devote myself to landscape photography. I was looking for the aesthetics of nature in my motifs. Nature is beautiful but I always miss something so I started to include people in my photographs. The human figure is the one that always leaves me indifferent, besides the nature of course. Lately, therefore, I have been spending more and more time researching and photographing people in combination with beautiful nature.
On the other hand, I have spent a lot of my photo time in a studio or on the field, creating various product shots for different clients. I like the diversity of this job. Did I mention that I also do graphic design and filmmaking? OK, let’s leave that for another time 😉

So if you like what you see so far please consider working with me. I’m sure that we will do a stunning job🤘

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